24/7/365 Emergency Services

Our 24/7 maintenance consists of following services – immediate response, technical advice and problem-solving expertise. Technical support is available over the phone or via a remote access.

If the fault cannot be resolved remotely, we will make on-site visits within agreed terms.

Predictive Maintenance Solutions

The most effective way to optimize factory lifecycle management is to proactively maintain a fleet of equipment and a process control system.
Our Preventive Maintenance concept covers monitoring and testing of the plant equipment (e.g. automation hardware and drive systems). Scheduled maintenance and upgrades are done when necessary.

The latest and well-proven service is a process-critical equipment and motor condition monitoring system, based on analysis of vibration and other important parameters.
The system is reliable and easy to use. It is with good return of investment by avoiding unexpected downtime, deduction of spare parts stock and provides more accurate planning of the necessary maintenance stops.

Technical Support Services

Saksa Automaatika provides technical support for most of the automation devices and drive train systems which are produced by Siemens.

Briefly on the services:
We assist on installing automation software or help to recover lost license-keys (if applicable).
We can find you spare parts or suggest new ones if needed.
Our industrial communication specialists and equipment enables advanced troubleshooting Profibus or Profinet networks.

The services are available during business hours by phone, email or website via feedback form.

We are happy to offer any additional technical services you may require.

Repair Services

In certain circumstances we provide repair service for Siemens equipment (e.g. maintenance of the older Simatic S5, repair of Sinamics frequency converters, Electrical motors, etc.)
Repairing of the device is decided after the first assessment of the equipment and its defects, how much does it cost, etc.
If equipment is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, we will assist you in resolving the warranty.

We also advise on further maintenance of the equipment.

Installed Base audition services

No matter what you have in new production line or how many years of history is behind there, you need an overview of installed equipment. It enables your production to prepare maintenance plans.
The fleet-auditing service provides a general product status.
The plant-specific report supplies you the information about status of installed product base with recommendations for further actions, e.g.:

Product Status Report

  • Number of installed/analyzed products
  • Siemens material number [%] /of that unknown [%]
  • Number of different Siemens products in the system
  • Number of critical parts

Number of components in % that can be delivered as

  • Original part, substitute, successor, unknown

Product successor status:

  • Replacement part vs. new part

Reparability; information about the successor product, actions and recommendations

  • Definition of steps that should be taken to ensure the serviceability of and spare parts availability for the plant